Helping you protect your employees, your family ... and yourself

Connolly Group was born from the belief that insurance is not about you, it’s about those that you care for.

For your employees, we provide leading edge benefits to protect them while they contribute to your company so they can be comfortable knowing that they and their families are covered if a medical situation should arise.

For you and your family, we build comprehensive plans for your protection both on a day-to-day basis, and for your future financial plans.

I work with Connolly Group because I respect and trust their advice.
— Michele Dorsey

Connolly Group brings deep expertise to these areas and provides solutions for current and future insurance and financial planning needs. Our combined experience of more than 75 years of working with clients like you, affords Connolly Group the opportunity to create plans that reward and protect thousands of individuals.

When you buy insurance it is because you owe someone, or you love someone ... we get it and we can help.

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