Fix It

I received a call from an employee: his daughter was sick in the hospital in Florida. They had saved so long for this vacation, yet he was in the hospital and his heart was worried about his daughter. They gave their travel insurance cards... the coverage for their daughter was declined. The client decided to call our office and we assured him not to worry.

Why wasn’t his insurance working? It was declined because we had no record of this child. He had forgotten to add them to his dependent list for coverage. Due to the great relationships we have with our carriers, within half an hour we had the child on the plan [with] just with a name and date of birth.

We called him back, letting him know the problem was solved and to have the hospital run it through again. It worked! Our client’s child recovered, while not being at the expense of tens of thousands of dollars for US health care.

That is the relationship you get with us. You call when things go wrong and we do our best to fix it for you.  


If you need something- please ask.

I once did an employee session and the topic of wheelchair coverage came up. A lady was so upset when I mentioned it. As a single mother, she didn’t have the funds to get a new wheelchair for her now adult son, so he was still using a child/teen chair. It was very uncomfortable and not functional for them. After talking with me and confirming what her plan covered, she had a brand new wheelchair sized correctly for her son in less than two weeks and the $5,000 bill was paid by the insurance company. I am not sure who was happier: her as a mother to be able to see his beaming smile, or me to have been able to have made her wish come true.

We are always happy to confirm if you have coverage or help you find a different way to get it covered. Employee booklets can be confusing, and it’s hard to figure out what you are covered for: never feel too shy to call or email Julie when you’re stuck!

We are there with you all the way- not just for the happy moments, but for the hard ones as well.

A client I worked with for many years on many claims fought a gallant fight with cancer. On his release from the hospital to go home to live out his last days, he had his daughter stop by the office; he came in to say ‘thank you’ for all that I did to help him through the years, to hug me and say his final goodbye. That was one of the most poignant stories that I have: to know that in his time of pain and battle, he took a moment to let me know that I made a difference in his life.

Insurance is not just forms and benefits. Insurance is people. Their lives, the happy, the sad and their families and to know that you can be a small part of that, to do what you can to make it a bit better, or easier, is why I do it.

Does it matter when I get someone on the plan?

Does it matter when I get someone on the plan?

Yes, it does matter! Your firm has a waiting period (usually 3 months), if an employee is enrolled during that time or up to 30 days after eligibility date is met, there is usually no medical questions and coverage is guaranteed with no penalties (based on firm size and plan options). If they are not enrolled on time, they are considered late applicants. The employee and their dependents have to answer medical questions, the coverage is not guaranteed, there could be exclusions placed (on medications, services, supplies, etc.), and if approved, dental would be reduced from the maximum per year (average of $1,500 per most firms) to $250 for all members of the family for the first full year of coverage.  

What are Flex Benefits

Do you offer group insurance benefits to employees? Even though that vaults you to the top tier of quality employers, it still seems impossible to please all employees. One-size plans do not always satisfy everyone’s needs.

Flex benefit plans allow your employees to customize their coverage. You set the budget, selection of plan options, and employees do the rest. They choose what works best for them at that time, with options to change coverage in the future, so they can always match their needs. This type of plan design can help attract younger employees, retain older ones, and grow your business!

Flex plans can help you maximize your benefit dollars while employees maximize their satisfaction, bringing the most value to your organization.

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Happy Anniversary Janet!

Janet is in her fifth year at Connolly Group, our first employee to be found via Linkedin. We are so happy to have her as a part of our Administrative team and to quarterback our Individual Life administration.


Some interesting facts about Janet:

-         She is a former banker, having spent more than 20 years working in her native England

-         She was introduced to PEI via her brother who immigrated to PEI in the mid-1980’s. Her and husband Gordon regularly visited PEI for summer vacations over the years.

-         On one vacation, she cried most of the way home on the plane and that sealed their decision to move to PEI.

-         She has some great sayings….“that is a noddy dog”, “she doesn’t pull me up on things”,

-         Immigrated to Canada PEI in 2007 and is now a Canadian Citizen

Janet is a key person in our business and we love her professionalism, attention to detail and warm and friendly personality. So happy to have her on our team.

2016 Deadline - Individual Life insurance


Sun Life Financial - October 21, 2016

Manulife Financial - October 31, 2016


Tax changes will significantly impact new permanent life insurance policies from January 1, 2017. 

Policies with conversion options are also impacted by these changes.

To avoid the reductions in tax effectiveness, contact us well in advance of these deadlines.

BMO - November 1, 2016

Canada Life - November 1, 2016 

Desjardins - September 30 

Empire Life - October 14, 2016 

Industrial Alliance - October 14, 2016

IVARI - November 15, 2016