What are Flex Benefits

Do you offer group insurance benefits to employees? Even though that vaults you to the top tier of quality employers, it still seems impossible to please all employees. One-size plans do not always satisfy everyone’s needs.

Flex benefit plans allow your employees to customize their coverage. You set the budget, selection of plan options, and employees do the rest. They choose what works best for them at that time, with options to change coverage in the future, so they can always match their needs. This type of plan design can help attract younger employees, retain older ones, and grow your business!

Flex plans can help you maximize your benefit dollars while employees maximize their satisfaction, bringing the most value to your organization.

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Happy Anniversary Janet!

Janet is in her fifth year at Connolly Group, our first employee to be found via Linkedin. We are so happy to have her as a part of our Administrative team and to quarterback our Individual Life administration.


Some interesting facts about Janet:

-         She is a former banker, having spent more than 20 years working in her native England

-         She was introduced to PEI via her brother who immigrated to PEI in the mid-1980’s. Her and husband Gordon regularly visited PEI for summer vacations over the years.

-         On one vacation, she cried most of the way home on the plane and that sealed their decision to move to PEI.

-         She has some great sayings….“that is a noddy dog”, “she doesn’t pull me up on things”,

-         Immigrated to Canada PEI in 2007 and is now a Canadian Citizen

Janet is a key person in our business and we love her professionalism, attention to detail and warm and friendly personality. So happy to have her on our team.

2016 Deadline - Individual Life insurance


Sun Life Financial - October 21, 2016

Manulife Financial - October 31, 2016


Tax changes will significantly impact new permanent life insurance policies from January 1, 2017. 

Policies with conversion options are also impacted by these changes.

To avoid the reductions in tax effectiveness, contact us well in advance of these deadlines.

BMO - November 1, 2016

Canada Life - November 1, 2016 

Desjardins - September 30 

Empire Life - October 14, 2016 

Industrial Alliance - October 14, 2016

IVARI - November 15, 2016


hi-hearing impairment pin

Here's Steve Connolly with Peter Benstead from Audiology holding the hi pin. Steve has a hearing loss and has found it hard in the past to communicate to people in a crowd or in a room with background noise that he is hearing impaired. Steve created this visual indicator to help people with a hearing loss represent that message with the pin. If you have a hearing impairment or know someone who does getting a pin would be a great idea. You can get your hi- hearing impairment pin at either PEI Audiology or Connolly Group.

Congrats to our Shayne Connolly for winning judges choice for his dance with Amy Kern Day at Hospice PEI's Dancing with the Stars gala event!

What a night! Great job to all the pros and stars for their hard work, dedication, and training which was evident in all performances! It was a very entertaining and successful night!


Hospice PEI-Dancing with the Stars is coming up!! October 3rd 7pm at Rodd Royalty inn

The Stars this year are: Peter Norton, Susan Snow, Greg Matheson, Valerie Docherty, Andrew Sprague, Beth Johnston, Shayne Connolly, and Gordon Cobb.  

The pros this year are Susan & Rejean Lessard of The Ballroom Barn, Scott & Monique Kaye, Julie MacIsaac, Tricia Boland, Rod & Laura Weatherbie and Margot Postma.

Click on the link below to find out more about this event and to make a donation. While you make a donation you can vote for your favorite star.

 To Donate click on Donate now through Canada helps.org on the left side of the page. When donating write Shayne Connolly in the message box to vote for him.


Tickets are $75.00 each and are still available but they do sell out every year so act now. Call Hospice PEI 902-368-4498 to purchase tickets. Enjoy a night out with entertainment and support an amazing organization.