The Banister

The Banister

A Note to my Senior Friends

Funny how things change over time! The stair case banister used to be one of our favorite play stations, the larger the banister, the smoother the ride. Now I find myself reaching for the banister to navigate the stairs. Yes, time surely does change everything.

Our grandchildren are busy working their way through schools and colleges while spending their spare time using social media to stay in touch with friends and family.

All is well in our families until a crisis strikes: a mom or dad gets seriously ill or a child suffers a critical illness. The last thing they should be worried about at such times is financing related costs.

We have all seen a family be hit by one of these crisis's, some make it through better than others, but none make it through without their struggles. Finances should be the last things on their minds but unfortunately in many situations it comes to the forefront all too often. We never want to see something happen to our families, but life sometimes doesn't agree.

Is there anything we seniors can do to relieve our families when these problems arise? Yes- often times, some good, old-fashioned, advice such as “Plan for the best, but prepare for the worst”, is warranted. Frequently, more than advice is needed. Questions are the answers and the right questions to the right people, can help you prepare plan a to help a tragic situation become all about getting better.

Steve Connolly