Fix It

I received a call from an employee: his daughter was sick in the hospital in Florida. They had saved so long for this vacation, yet he was in the hospital and his heart was worried about his daughter. They gave their travel insurance cards... the coverage for their daughter was declined. The client decided to call our office and we assured him not to worry.

Why wasn’t his insurance working? It was declined because we had no record of this child. He had forgotten to add them to his dependent list for coverage. Due to the great relationships we have with our carriers, within half an hour we had the child on the plan [with] just with a name and date of birth.

We called him back, letting him know the problem was solved and to have the hospital run it through again. It worked! Our client’s child recovered, while not being at the expense of tens of thousands of dollars for US health care.

That is the relationship you get with us. You call when things go wrong and we do our best to fix it for you.