If you need something- please ask.

I once did an employee session and the topic of wheelchair coverage came up. A lady was so upset when I mentioned it. As a single mother, she didn’t have the funds to get a new wheelchair for her now adult son, so he was still using a child/teen chair. It was very uncomfortable and not functional for them. After talking with me and confirming what her plan covered, she had a brand new wheelchair sized correctly for her son in less than two weeks and the $5,000 bill was paid by the insurance company. I am not sure who was happier: her as a mother to be able to see his beaming smile, or me to have been able to have made her wish come true.

We are always happy to confirm if you have coverage or help you find a different way to get it covered. Employee booklets can be confusing, and it’s hard to figure out what you are covered for: never feel too shy to call or email Julie when you’re stuck!