We are there with you all the way- not just for the happy moments, but for the hard ones as well.

A client I worked with for many years on many claims fought a gallant fight with cancer. On his release from the hospital to go home to live out his last days, he had his daughter stop by the office; he came in to say ‘thank you’ for all that I did to help him through the years, to hug me and say his final goodbye. That was one of the most poignant stories that I have: to know that in his time of pain and battle, he took a moment to let me know that I made a difference in his life.

Insurance is not just forms and benefits. Insurance is people. Their lives, the happy, the sad and their families and to know that you can be a small part of that, to do what you can to make it a bit better, or easier, is why I do it.