Insurance is a headache. As business owners ourselves, we know the demands that you face staying focused on your business. Whether you are a sole proprietor or large organization we deliver solutions to keep you in business when the unexpected happens.

We understand your concerns and we develop products and services to prevent catastrophes from occurring in your company. We navigate the complex world of Insurance to protect your business.

Group Benefits Plans

Employers, Associations and Groups need the biggest bang for their buck from their benefit plans. Our expertise ensures, your plan is carefully designed to provided the proper protection, and is procured on the best possible terms. Our team delivers on both, to your satisfaction.

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Group Retirement Savings

Connolly Group has experience in bringing the right retirement savings plan to your company and its employees. From Group RRSPs, DPSPs and Pension plans, we will analyze your company and its needs to create a solution tailor- made for your business.

Partnership Insurance

Partners rely on each other; we provide solutions to make sure that in the event of something happening to a partner that you are prepared. Ask yourself "Do you want your partner’s spouse as your new shareholder?" A better solution may be corporate-owned insurance on the partner’s life to buy out that interest, and keep the company operating smoothly.

Key-Person Insurance

Businesses rely on many moving parts to achieve success. We make sure that there are structures in place to protect business from the loss of a key member of your team in the event of an illness, injury or death.

Business Owner Insurance

Connolly Group provides solutions for the complex needs of business owners. Think about the following questions, if you answer "no" to either one or both we can help:

  • Could your company survive without you or function in your absence? 
  • Do you have plans for tax efficient retirement and estate planning? 

Connolly Group has innovative approaches to protecting the key people in your company and have unique structures to leverage the hard earned values in your business and help you profit more in the business. Isn't profit the reason why we got into business....shouldn't it be maximized?

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