We all know that life happens... often unexpectedly. The added stress of caring for a loved one or the sudden loss of a family member can be devastating. Are you prepared? For the past 30 years Connolly Group has protected families and Individuals financially from those life altering events.

Our experience in protecting your income, preparing financially for a Critical Illness, Long Term Care or Death has made us leaders in protecting clients from those catastrophes. Our full market brokerage services makes Connolly Group the experts you can turn to.

Life Insurance

What happens to those you leave behind, if you pass away?it’s not something we tend to think about every day. Leaving your loved ones with a financial burden is not how we want to be remembered. With solutions from all the best carriers in the market, you can be sure to get the right solution for you.

For more information please contact Shayne or Tim.

Disability Insurance

What is your most important asset? Many would say the house, or car, but how do you pay for those things? Your most important asset is your ability to earn an income. A disability solution can help alleviate the worry of an unforeseen event so you can continue with your planned lifestyle.

For more information please contact Shayne.

Health Insurance

We know getting sick is tough on anyone. We know that drug costs can cause financial hardship. Access to the marketplace allows us to design a health plan that fits your needs and meets your budget. Whether looking for Health, Dental, Travel or Retiree benefits, Connolly Group can help.

For more information and to obtain quotes please contact Tim.

Critical Illness Insurance

It seems that Critical Illnesses are everywhere these days. We all know someone that has been impacted. Protect yourself from the financial worry, so you can fully focus on getting well. We will build a critical illness protection plan for you and your family.

For more information please contact Shayne or Tim.

Long-Term Care Insurance

We are living longer these days and that can mean we will need help with the activities of daily life. We can protect you from the financial burden of needing someone to provide Long Term Care to you or your family.

Travel Insurance

For your travel insurance needs, you can click here to get a quote from Manulife Financial .

If you would like to get a comparison quote please contact our travel insurance expert Janet

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